With ever-changing document retention regulations, it can be a full time job trying to stay compliant. Not only is it important to retain certain documents, you also need easy access to retrieve them at a moments notice. You never know when you will have to make that trip to the storage area to find a vehicle deal or repair order. It could take minutes or even hours spent locating the documents. When you finally locate them, are they legible? Are they intact?

Enhanced accessibility

  • Access your documents from any Web-enabled device
  • Allow or deny access based on your security preferences
  • Email documents readily

Reduced time for retrieving documents

  • Retrieve documents faster than ever
  • Search by specific fields to quickly find important documents

Reduced time for storing documents

  • Work faster with a simple, intuitive user interface
  • Archive multiple-part documents faster with multi-form scanner
  • Drag and drop PDF documents for immediate retention
  • Scan and retain key documents based on audit guidelines

Minimized storage costs

  • Reduce documents faster than ever
  • Go “green” with paperless document management
  • Purchase CDK Scanners only for primary scan workstations

Increased peace of mind

  • Reduce employee stress trying to find legible or misfiled documents
  • Reduce employee time searching, retrieving and later re-filing documents
  • Reduce your need to continually expand physical storage facilities
The cloud-based Invoice Book

Factory invoices no longer require search teams. We preconfigured templates for major OEMs so that you have real-time access to your Invoice Book. Plus, invoices can be emailed as needed. Streamlined operations for dealer trades and negotiations are only a click away.