Increase the Value of Your Third-party Applications

CDK DASH Link makes using third-party vendor software simpler. It uses web services to give third parties access to your Dealer Management System (DMS) in a defined and controlled manner. Web services increases reliability and security, while reducing other risks associated with vendors having direct access to your DMS. CDK DASH Link provides advanced notification of changes to the DMS environment for uninterrupted performance of third-party applications and less chance of disruption to your business.

CDK DASH Link helps dealers by:

  • Giving you control over who has access to your DMS and how your data is used
  • Reducing the anxiety caused by allowing a third-party application to access valuable dealership data
  • Securing communication channels and rigorous authentication protocols
  • Lowering labor costs and improving data integrity by eliminating the need to enter dealership data into both the DMS and the third-party application


Vendors Benefit from Strong Integration and Security

Vendors interested in using the CDK Approved Interface logo on their third-party applications can benefit as well.


  • Helps build a profitable business for the vendor by limiting access to only those services and data elements (Vehicles, Customers, Financials, Parts, Service) necessary for the application
  • Reduces development costs by using industry standard web service technologies, interfaces and protocols; web services are independent of the vendor’s application environment (Windows, UNIX, browser-based, etc.) or development language (Java, C#, etc.)
  • Minimizes ongoing support costs by insulating third-party applications from changes in the DMS
  • Adds value to vendors' offerings through real-time data versus nightly extracts
  • Provides continuous monitoring by CDK to ensure that needed services are available